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Bath Somerset and The Illuminati - a Biographical Perspective
In 2009 I suffered from a form of  PTSD (complex ptsd) after a bizarre and abusive relationship ended and whilst researching the condition realised that I'd had symptoms of the condition for as long as I could rem
member. This helped to explain why despite an ostensibly stable background, my life had been so chaotic.

This is an account of the circumstances of my past which I have been revisiting to try and identify where the initial trauma may have occurred.  In 1962 my family moved 200 miles to the deeply masonic city of Bath - An early playground of the Elite and the site of an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva and of a Roman baths where there is a sacred spring which gives forth one million litres of mineral rich hot water at a temperature of 46°C per day 

My family was from a village near Rochdale in the north west UK and we were not wealthy, in fact before the move we lived in a council house (US equivalent to Project housing).  Just before my fourth birthday, my dad, a manual worker, got a new job with a firm called Baileys Maltsters in Bath, Somerset.  The job came with a house in a tiny idylic country village called Swainswick on the outskirts of the city. At that time there were only 340 residents, (at present there are fewer - 284). 
(link to The Independent Article) 
1919 photogravure of Oriel College,
looking south, after the completion
of the Rhodes Building
(in the foreground) (ref)

Swainswick is unique in thatOriel College, Oxford University  which is 72 miles away owned and still owns most of the village. Oriel College has the distinction of being the oldest Royal College in Oxford and in fact is famously closely associated with Cecil Rhodes  where he established his Rhodes Scholarships.  At the time we lived on the recently constructed 'Oriel Gardens' in a house that came along with the job.
"Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for the making the Anglo Saxon race but one Empire? What a dream, but yet it is probable, it is possible" 
Cecil Rhodes wrote this in his "Confession of a Faith" when he was 23 and it has often been said that his Rhodes Scholarships were part of his plan to fulfil this dream of British world domination. He named the South African country Rhodesia after himself.

Oblique aerial view of RAF Charmy 
Down, Somerset, seen from 
south south-west.Part of the village of 
Upper Swainswick can be seen at bottom 
centre (Click for large image).
I was recently made aware that all the families in our cul-de-sac in Swainswick were associated with the armed forces and I've now (2012) discovered the reason for this is there was a secret Admiralty base 3.4 miles away from our house at Coombe or Combe Down. MoD Foxhill - rather hush hush until recently, now that it has been announced they are to be closed.
"I have tried several times to find out what did take place at Coombe Down but without any success. It must have been very top secret establishment which has never really received the media attention like others have in recent years. I have tried to find out exactly what my father was involved in. . .My enquires have up to now have been very disappointing, all I get is that the naval base was closed after the war and any records either lost or transferred elsewhere." 2005  BBC WW2 People's War
"Minister for Housing, Grant Shapps announced in early June that all three Bath MOD Sites would be disposed of for development over the next few years. . .1,200 staff from Bath are already in the process of being transferred,  but another 1,400 are scheduled to follow in the next two years.The closure of all the sites would end the MoD’s 72-year association with Bath, having had offices in the city since the start of the Second World War when the old Admiralty was moved out of London. . .not all of the Ensleigh site can be disposed of because computer systems cannot be moved."2011 
On arriving at our new home we discovered our next door neighbour was also from near Rochdale, just four miles away from our old home. 

The cemetery of the ancient church of Swainswick 
burial place of John Wood, architect of the 
1700 Mason of Bath
The village of Swainswick is situated about a mile from Charmy Down, a disused military airbase. It boasts an ancient church, the burial place of the freemason architect of Bath, John Wood :
Together with his father John Wood, the Elder, John Wood the Younger was interested in occult and masonic symbolism; perhaps their creation of largest scale was their joint design of the Royal Crescent and the nearby Circus (originally called "the King's Circus"), which from the air can be observed to be a giant circle and crescent, symbolising the soleil-lune, the sun and moon. The Circus, along with Gay Street and Queen Square, (pictured below ) forms a key shape which is also a masonic symbol. (Wiki)
Generational connections
I have now (2012) discovered that my family has an historical link to Swainswick ;
Queen Mary at Alice Park,
prior to his birth, my maternal grandfather's mother had worked for dressmakers to the Queen Mary consort of King George, whose clothes were fitted on her, being exactly the same size. His father had worked as a butler for Phillips, the jewellers to the Queen Mary consort.
Queen Mary was a frequent visitor to a large house in Swainswick called The Elms, owned by Herbert McVicar and his wife Alice Wallis. The Ayrshire Wallis family's immense wealth came from the Kimberley, South Africa, diamond fields and they lived in a palatial mansion called Greystone in Essex. 

Alice Boyd Wallis is connected to Cecil Rhodes as he  earned his vast fortune when he became a major shareholder in the the same Kimberly Mine from which her families fortune was made. This fortune was used to set up the Rhodes Scholarships.
When Alice died at the premature age of 53 McVicar had Alice Park in Swainswick built in her memory which is where I played frequently with my twin sister and friends as child living in Swainswick. (reference)

That he was incredibly well-connected was borne out by the photograph of Queen Mary at Alice Park in 1941. The then Queen Mother apparently visited Alice Park on two occasions during World War Two and was pictured planting fruit trees

The architect for the 'Jellico' pavilion, and the two park keeper's lodges; both of which are listed buildings; in Alice Park was Sir George Jellico, second Earl of Jellico and twice director of S G Warburg (finance and development) Ltd
Jellico Pavilion, Alice Park

"In Ted Heath's administration he was Minister in charge for the Civil Service Department (CSD), Lord Privy Seal (as such he was eighth on the Roll of The Lords) and Leader of the House of Lords from 20 June 1970 until 24 May 1973 when he admitted, "some casual affairs" with call girls (from Mayfair Escorts) and resigned (thus ending his third career in government service)" Wiki
Jellicoe was a member of "The Honourable Society of Knights of the Round Table" also a member of "The Other Club" founded by Winston Churchill to advance the interests of the leading Aristocratic and Illuminati families in the UK.
Other positions held by Lord Jellicoe include Chairman of the MRC's AIDS committee, was a director of the Rockefeller company Morgan Crucible as well as the sugar company Tate and Lyle and was later chairman of Booker Tate confectionery.
When Alice died at a young age McVicar had Alice Park in Swainswick built in her memory which is where we played frequently as children. (reference)
View of Bath from Solsbury Hill Swainswick
Controversy had earlier touched Swainswick: when Philby defected in 1963 thus beginning the uncovering of the Cambridge Five scandal as the mother and grandmother of "someone involved" lived in Elm Grove, the road next to Oriel Gardens.  I know this as my mother became godmother to the grandmother of said individual when she converted to Catholicism.  My mother cannot remember the name of the individual involved. Oddly I remember when I was about 5, saying to my parents that when I grew up I wanted to be "a traitor"!
In The Independent, an obiturary of Earl Jellico by Dennis Kavannagh describes how he worked along side Guy Burgess and Kim Philby:
(Jellico) adapted well to peacetime. At first he was based in
Austria with the UN Relief and Rehabilitation Agency,
helping to resettle the people displaced by the war. In 1947
he joined the Foreign Office, serving in Washington
alongside the Cambridge spies Kim Philby and Guy Burgess. At
the height of the Cold War he worked on the Soviet desk,
sometimes deputising for his boss and chairing meetings of
the Joint Intelligence Committee.
 Interesting Snippets and a link for serious researchers                                      "Apparently, the king-Cole line married into the Wallis fold to produce a family that uses black candles as symbols, a perfect symbol for the illuminati."
"I learned that Berne (Switzerland) was built on the Aar river. . .I was on the topic of Ayrshire because it's where the red and white Kennedy surname was first found, as well as the red and white Wallace/Wallis surname! So now I'm becoming convinced that the Rhodes family was from the Wallis-Berne regions of Switzerland, "
My maternal Grandfather's family is from the Berne region in Switzerland.

St John the Evangelist
Church built 1861, adjoining priory 
and schools erected 1883
Jesuit Catholic School
I had just turned 4 years old and clearly remember driving to my first day at my new school in Bath - A friend of my parents who also lived in Swainswick was giving us a lift to the school - St John's RC Primary which was adjoining the main catholic church in the center of the city. I had found a newspaper in the back of his car and had started reading it. He thought I was faking it so he had me reading aloud and to his amazement I was able to do this. I'd had my 4th birthday a few weeks early and in fact later was flagged as "highly intelligent". 

On the religious website "" Jesuits are described as follows (my emphasis)
JESUITS: The Jesuits (or the Society of Jesus) was founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola in 1540 A.D. The original name of the Jesuits was the "Company of Jesus", to denote the soldier-like spirit of the order. .. In fact, the Jesuits merited such high repute, that their priests became the most revered and respected of all priests, and were regarded by the saints as masters of spiritual direction.
 The Jesuits used to also take a fourth vow of fidelity and service to the pope, and  were once regarded by many as the "black popes", due to their prestige. The Jesuits were also known for their missionary work, spreading the faith to many countries almost single-handedly And yet, despite its radiant history of such lavish fruit, this magnificent order has fallen further than all the others, to where it is now but a faded glimmer of its former splendor. (For those seeking to better understand the foundational spirit of the Jesuits, we suggest reading books authored by Jesuits prior to ~1920's, as books of the 1930's, 40's, and 50's, increasingly became influenced by the seeds of Communism and Fruedian psychology.)
"I can see Himmler as our new Ignatius Loyola"  Hitler
Others go as far as to describe Ignatious Loyola as the founder of the Illuminati (see The Reformation: Rosicrucian Connections
Between the ages of four and eleven I attended St John's where the headmistress and some of the teachers were nuns.  I was perturbed when I discovered that the head teacher who was called sister Ignatius Loyola (or Madam Ignatius as she was then known) had adopted the name of the founder of the Jesuits.

Bailbrook Lunatic Asylum
Another large mansion complex behind Oriel Gardens was Bailbrook Asylum, that in it's early days provided facilities for wealthy patients after which a wing was added for paupers. It was a mental institution from the early 1800's until 1974, although in 1971 it "changed it's name to a nursing home as most patients by then were either elderly or frail".  Many patients resided there for their entire lives. 

Although you will now be challenged to try and find information about it, it was once famous for 'pioneering' early techniques. For example, in 1895 the medical director, Emory Lanphear  MD, PHD advocated 'trepanning' or boring holes in the scull of the patient. He lectured on "The Operative Treatment of Idiocy".  (Twenty five years later William Grey Walter was to conduct an experiment boring one hundred holes in the head of a patient)."The Medical Society of the United States was an organization founded by Ohmann-Dumesnil and Emory Lanphear" AMA
More Family Info
To my astonishment I was contacted in 2012 whilst researching my family tree by a relative. She informed me that my grandfather had a sister who, at the age of four (in 1906) was taken away by an Aunt to be educated.
She became one of the few women in the fifties to attend university and had one son (right).  When he was 17 he won a scholarship, gained a PHD and went straight into employment as a defence research scientist for the RAE (British Royal Air Establishment). 

The picture on the left shows my grandfather's sister who was taken away from the family to be educated by an aunt at the age of four (far left), I'm not sure who the lady standing with her is.  My Grandmother is third from the right, and the other two ladies on the right are more of grandad's sisters, one of who's husbands is shown in his admiralty uniform, location of the photo at present unknown.

Her son worked for the RAE on the design of Concord which links to the previously mentioned Sir George Jellico, the architect of the Pavilion in Alice Park  
"In June 1972 Jellicoe was sent to lead Concorde's first sales expedition."Wikipedia 
He was described by colleagues as having a 'brilliant mind'. He helped organise the Defence Research Agency when it split from the RAE in the eighties. 

"Internationally his participation in specific programmes involving collaboration within NATO took him to France, Germany and the US, once into the Pentagon.  He was in London at the time of the Gulf War, he also took the chair during a commonwealth collaboration conference in Australia" A full transcript will be made available upon request 

When considering that my mother's cousin (above) was taken to be raised away from the family it may be pertinent to mention that grandmother told my mother that she was one of twins, and that the other twin, although alive was taken by the priest/and or midwife. My mother was full term and weighed only 3lbs (1.5 kilos) when she was born at home, and survived without any medical intervention whatsoever, which is concordant with being a twin.  

The presence of a twin was only mentioned to me in 2012, although my mother often mentioned that a Catholic priest had been called to baptise her as she was not expected to live due to her low birth weight.
St John's RC Church and Parish Hall in Rochdale
Although my maternal grandfather was not Catholic as a child, he had converted as a young man and my maternal grandparents were very much involved with raising the funds so another Catholic church could be built in closer proximity to their home than St John's RC Church in Rochdale.
Most people are aware that twins are of significance in many types of research, and particularly that which addresses the nature/nurture debate which incidentally is what much of the Eugenics issue rests upon.  

Upon consideration of the large volume of circumstantial supporting material, I feel it is appropriate to mention that  Fritz Springmeir describes the Illuminati's massive system of abuse, "where they need babies for sacrifice, experiments and programming".
When one twin disappears, the surviving twin will often develop psychological problems around the disappearance, even if the child is never told that they had a twin disappear. (if the second twin is dead) The Illuminati believe that the soul of a dead twin goes into the live twin. They consider twins which have two souls very powerful individuals. One doctor, William Baldwin, has written in his book Spirit Releasement Ther apy: A Technique Manual that he believes that the dead twin astrally attaches its soul to the surviving twin. 
Ordination of Uncle Charlie pictured
below with my mum and grandma
In the article at the link above Fritz mentions the technique of forcing the child to recite or perform complicated pieces at an early age.
My mother had been working intensively with my twin sister and myself, and we were able to recite long texts;for example at the age of two we were able to perform by reciting the long poem 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat.

We were even potty trained by the age of six months (which to my mind shows an unhealthy degree of control). In this context I will also mention that my mother had a droopy left eye, recently corrected by surgery. Springmeier describes an old mind control family, the Taylors,  as living in the Bacup area in the north of England, just nine miles from Rochdale.

Twin studies Link
At the Jesuit Catholic school we attended in Bath there was a larger proportion of twins than you would expect - in my class alone (of around 25 pupils) there were three sets of twin, and many others in other classes. The birth rate for twins in 2003 was 1.5 per hundred births, (in fact twin birth rates have increased - this figure was lower in 1958). Two of the three sets of twins in my class and also those in other classes had recently moved to the area from the north of England or Scotland.

I haven't yet traced the movement of all the twins at the school, but my mother was able to confirm she was friendly with the parents of another set of twins from St John's, Susan and Sarah Thompson, and that they too returned to the north of England at the age of twelve as we did. Their father worked for the Admiralty. This age is of great significance to Illuminati programming rituals according to Springmeier. This is what he has to say about Catholics:
"To insure that the programming and abuse stays hidden from even the slave, the slave is given daily traumas as a child to keep them dissociative. The Illuminati’s programmers get the cooperation of a vast network of abusers who traumatize the children who are being programmed. One of the Illuminati’s fronts is the Catholic church, which the Jesuits manage for the Illuminati. Under the cover of religious retreats and their religious image, many Catholic clergymen have been participants in the vast trauma network actively creating trauma-based mind controlled slaves. "
Pictured above, my mother (born 1931) with her uncle, whilst he was training to be a catholic priest; shown here with my maternal grandmother, aparently in front of a bomb site somewhere (click to enlarge)

Dreams or Buried Memories of Experimentation
I had two particular disturbing reoccurring dreams, each for a limited period of time and only whilst in Bath.  One involved my father taking place in rituals with other men wearing robes, it took place during the night and I was present, having been taken from my bed whilst asleep. 

The only reason I have remembered this dream was it was so far out of my normality, however up to now I have found it impossible to discuss this dream in detail with anyone because it was so abhorrent to me. I will just say it involved the complete  humiliation of my father involving excrement.

The dream occurred on a number of occasions with increasing severity of humiliation, and I felt I was there as a witness, not a participant.  They culminated with an occasion which I felt I wasn't supposed to witness but had awakened in the middle of the night and gone out of my bedroom into another room (an upstairs room in our house). In fact the room would not have been large enough for the number of men that were there. The gist of what they told me was that they were senior 'magicians', and that my father had to do this particular thing in order to become a 'magician' like them, which is what he wanted. 

I am currently researching the significance that along with the  network of tunnels discovered at Frome Bath, mention has been made of mines, tunnels and caves used by the Swainswick Home Patrol during WW11 Bob Millard

"This (Bathampton) patrol had its hideout in one of the stone mines on Hampton Rocks (GR778651). Although the adjacent area has changed through collapse the original entrance can still be distinguished. This was just large enough for a person to squeeze through before it opened up into a cavern and was camouflaged by a stone slab" ref
Our house was only a few hundred yards away from  Alice Park and The Elms mansion where Cecil Rhode's friends lived with it's history of Elite, and Royal visitors. It was well known locally that Mcvicars had constructed an underground room in the park despite the fact that it was recently filled in.
Large Estate
Our house at Oriel Gardens had a large Victorian greenhouse in the back garden complete with grapevines was still intact and bearing fruit. This indicates that the houses were clearly built in the grounds of a large house, probably Oriel Lodge situated at the bottom of our road. However the name 'lodge' also implies that this building was part of a larger complex, possibly in the grounds of The Elms just a few hundred yards away, as Oriel Gardens and Elm Grove were adjacent to Alice Park, which according to local historian Bryan Chalker was built in a field belonging to The Elms.  

Alice Park Swainswick
"Herbert MacVicar had an underground air-raid shelter constructed so that park visitors could seek refuge from German bombs. Once the war was over the old shelter became a store for sports equipment such as cricket gear, tennis nets and footballs but has now been filled in" reference

I began investigating this aspect when I noticed on google earth that the two houses at the top of the street which used to have steps up to the front doors  have had work done and the doors are now at 'ground level'.
Solsbury Hill

Before and After 
The recent destruction of the ancient monument and Hill Fort Solsbury Hill, that was  situated just a few hundred yards behind our house may also be of significance in this respect. An intriguing caption under a picture of Solsbury hill on The Megalithic Portal site reads "Probably an Entrance but there seems to be a lot of quarrying in this north west corner"
Click to Enlarge
Ariel view showing proximity of Alice Park,
 Oriel Gardens and the Elms. Solsbury Hill
was where you now see the A45
Fear of the Moon the Second Dream
I was around 6 or 7 when I developed a fear of going to bed after a series of incidents which I was unable to fully remember or articulate.  My parents tried to reassure me, saying it was a "dream" and I repeatedly told my parents that it wasn't a dream, it really happened but of course they disagreed.
"Every night a woman was looking at me through the window from the moon or on a bright round globe that looked just like the moon. It can't have been the moon because she came right into my bedroom through the window on it. " 

The woman was probably about 30 - 35 years of age, quite pretty and was wearing normal clothes of that era - black ski pants and a cowl/polo neck jumper, I think it was a mustard colour.  Her hair was dark and cut short, she had dark eyebrows and was wearing some make up.  There was nothing disturbing about her appearance. I am inclined to believe this was a screen memory for, as I said at the time, an actual occurrence.  (Apart from her being on the moon obviously).
I begged my parents to keep my bedroom curtains closed during this period which went on for a couple of months, then ended. I was perfectly capable of distinguishing between dreams and what was really happening.

I particularly remember the two 'dreams' mentioned, and they count among six dreams that I have always remembered. The others include a lifelong disturbing recurring dream throughout my life of being in water, usually the sea but sometimes in a swimming pool and being pulled into danger by the tide, but desperately trying to resist.  I always managed just about managed to resist in the end, but found it very disturbing during the dream.

In adulthood, (up till the age of probably about 40) I've repeatedly had dreams that I've awoken from with a very strong sense of guilt due to having murdered someone.

When a decision to move back to the north of England had been made, I had a nightmare where an old man with long grey hair and a long beard dressed in robes was in our garage and had set fire to our house which became consumed in flames. (the first of only three or four total nightmares in my entire life - I don't remember the others).
Not a Fragile Child
Although I eventually became very much an earth mother as a child I was an out-and-out tom boy. I was unique whilst in the infants at my school in that I only played with the boys.  I was convinced that I could do anything a boy could do, and better.  I gambled with cigarette cards, the currency in the playground won through games of skill in flicking them onto other cards on the floor.  When about to start a game in the play ground, a few boys would walk around arms over shoulders chanting "all our men, all our men" and I would join in. 

As I got older - 8 -10 yrs I built my own go-kart / bogey from pram wheels and wood, fixed my own bike punctures, fixed my own record player and constantly challenged the boys to daredevil races down steep hills or to tree climbing competitions.  I even challenged a large chap to a fight simply because he was described as 'cock of the class".  I was not fragile and feminine - at least not in my psyche and generally not the type to be disturbed by dreams. 

View of Bath from Solsbury Hill
From the earliest age I can remember I was trying to fight the injustices I was subjected to, I felt myself to be in mortal danger and decided at the age of six that the only option was to leave and look for a new home.  I persuaded a fellow kindergarten student to accompany me, a sweet Italian girl called Ivana Christina.

We ran away after school, whilst her mother was in a shop buying us ice-cream and I can't tell you how much it meant to me to be treated to ice-cream, it took tremendous will to leave at that point, I can tell you! The rare treats at home were never fully enjoyed as always used as incentives as part of behavioural manipulation.

This is a current picture showing Oriel Lodge and Oriel
Gardens behind.  In 1962 it was screened by trees and
the entrance was by the verandah
At around the age of seven or eight I had tried to organise the Oriel Gardens children into a 'resistance movement', and held a meeting in the large Victorian greenhouse in my back garden. 

After a discussion with my parents I learned that it was the Tory MP for Bath who lived at Oriel Lodge when we were there. I remember playing at the lodge with his grandson Ashley who was about my age. My father had always voted Labour throughout his life and ever since, but explained in 2011 that for some reason whilst in Bath, Sir Edward Brown was our local candidate and had persuaded him to vote Tory for the only time in his life.  Brown is known to have been anti-communist and particularly anti-unions Ref 

In a coincidence I don't really even want to contemplate, Brown was involved in legislation about employees insurance in respect of accidents at work at the time of my father's injury.

Of course the first pop festival in Britain, the Bath Festival was held in Victoria Park whilst we were there in 1969.

Parents Reaction to Research
The unusualness of this relocation led me to put some questions to my parents in 2011. Although I've never discussed anything like this with them before, I felt I had to as they are already in their 80's. Oddly, despite the dramatic change from industrialised town to exclusive beautiful country village, and the fact that we lived there for 7 years, my dad can't remember how he got the job.

I had revisited my past in an attempt to uncover what had caused my original PTSD and felt I had uncovered some curious coincidences. I was beginning to admit to myself that there could be a possibility that some sort of mind manipulation could have occurred so at this point I decided I had to discuss these things with my parents.

I had never had such discussions with them so was rather apprehensive, but I told them a bit about MKULTRA and said I had been wondering if something like this may have happened to our family. I was amazed when they both agreed it may have done, and even more surprised when my mother followed me into the kitchen and in a low voice said "be careful who you are talking to, we don't want you disappearing"!
Lady Moran
My mother's reaction could have something to do with the fact that her father was half Swiss, although he was born in Leeds and never lived in Switzerland. In fact he taught himself astronomy and became fairly fluent in self taught German and my mother told me that during the war he was forced to sign a weekly register which one can imagine was stressful for the family. She said he was talked of as 'yon German' by some of the people in their village. 

Grandad was a diverse and intelligent character, who also taught himself astronomy.  When my twin and I were 3, before moving to Bath, he used to treat us (my twin, myself and my two cousins) to a projected screen show of Disney's Bambi whilst he narrated the story himself.

After her extraordinary reaction, I pressed my mum to try and remember anything unusual about her upbringing which is when she said "well your grandma (her mum who died about 10 years ago) kept mentioning a connection with Lady Moran". However she insists she can't remember in what context my grandma mentioned her which is so frustrating for me - Especially because when I put the name 'Lady Moran' into google I was led right to the heart of UK Mind Control of which until that point I knew nothing.

Links with MKULTRA
Lord Moran was famous for being Churchills doctor and I discovered Lady Moran was originally Dorothy Dufton from Bramley near Leeds (where my grandfather grew up, which is 40 miles away from where I lived as a child). Dorothy Dufton met Lord Moran (then called Charles Wilson) when she was researching the effects of mustard gas on WW1 troops, at Leeds University. Some time after meeting Lord Moran she was in a coma for a year during which he was described as diligently and devotedly caring for her, and when she recovered they were married.
"Lord Moran's achievements owed much to the help of his wife, Dorothy, who married him in 1919. She was the daughter of Dr S F Dufton, an Inspector of Schools in Yorkshire, and Moran's devotion, during a terrible period when for nearly a year she was unconscious in St Thomas's Hospital following a stroke, was rewarded by her almost miraculous recovery and return to fully active life. Dorothy had been a student of Joseph Barcroft, and her exceptional qualities of patience, tact and friendliness made her the ideal partner in Moran's long and courageous career. Her father had been the first Science Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, which gave her valuable experience in academic affairs."Munks Roll
Moran had written a book after the first world war called The Anatomy of Courage in which he described the 'problem' that the majority soldiers during WW1 did not fire directly at the enemy to kill them, some even fired above their heads.  Eventually a strenuous propaganda campaign was put in place to label such soldiers as cowards in the minds of the public. Further research was initiated to "tackle the problem".  Soldiers returning with post traumatic stress disorder, then known as shell shock were also labelled as cowards.
Lord Moran along with Ewen Cameron visited and assessed Rudolph Hess before he appeared at the Hague. In fact Cameron and Moran along with John Rees from the Tavistock Institute accompanied Hess to the trial. Hess said they were hypnotising him.
I have seen banqueting lists which put Lord and Lady Moran as guests at events in London with Allan Dulles and his wife. Dulles was of course the head of CIA who authorised MKULTRA.

Lord Moran was even more closely associated William Sargant, having been his teacher and mentor.

The video above is a 29 minute radio 4 programme on Sargant by James Maw, an excellent introduction to the subject with a surprise appearance from David Owens.
To briefly summarise: William Walters Sargant  pioneered so called sleep treatment, running a "sleep room" at St Thomas's hospital in London, keeping patients asleep for months, giving them huge numbers of ECT treatments and large frequent doses of LSD, and Phsycic driving (replacing their memories via tape recordings played whilst they were asleep). Sargant competed with Cameron to see who could keep patients asleep the longest, sadly many died.
There is a (march 2010) bbc radio broadcast about william sargant called Revealing the Mindbender General. This goes as far as to say he was funded by MI5 who told him to stop publishing his research and appeared to be funding him whilst he was at St Thomas's. A detailed account is available here 
Links between Sargant with Olsen have emerged which implies he was deeply involved with MKULTRA, and implicated in Olsen's death. Kevin Dowling and Philip Knightly
Pernicious Anaemia
Sargant originally studied Pernicious Anaemia and was despondant when his dissertation was not well received. It was Moran who encouraged him to take up phsiciatry (There was a lot of crossover at that time between phsyciatry, neurology and cybernetics, even the unqualified could move freely between the disciplines).
Coincidentally both my father has pernicious anaemia as did his mother.  The condition can be genetic but is also caused by radiation.  It is likely that the effects of radiation would have been of relevance to defence research due to the experimentation with the hydrogen bomb
Lady Morrison of Lambeth
Lady Morrison was originally Edith Meadowcroft and she went to school at the convent that my maternal grandmother also attended. 

  • She was a close friend and frequent visitor to my maternal grandmother's lifelong friend and next door neighbour, who we called Auntie.
  • Edith Meadowcroft met Herbert Morrison who was at the time deputy Prime Minister, on a golf course in Davos, Switzerland whilst taking part in an amateur golf tournament. Davos is where the head-quarters of the Swiss Nazi Party had been, also famous for it's sanatoriums for the treatment of tuberculosis.  More latterly it is the home of the annual World Economic Forum meetings.
  • Edith Meadowcroft had travelled to Davos using a travel agency set up by Morrison to enable workers with limited funds to travel more widely.   He was 67 at the time and this was his second marriage which took place in 1955.  

According to the television coverage of the event the "whole town was thrilled" when she married the Deputy Prime Minister of the Labour Party, generally described as one of the three most prominent and influential politicians at that time, and an enthusiastic socialistAfter his marriage he famously made the controversial decision to release Oswald Mosely from prison.His marriage to Edith was his second marriage, he was a widower and the grandfather of Peter Mandelson.
Pictured - Lord and Lady Morrison

 He was 67 at the time and this was his second marriage which took place in 1955. from what I've looked at so far he was dynamic politician, labour with strong socialist agenda, described as one of the three most influential men at the time. One thing he was famous for was the controversial move of releasing Oswald Mosely from prison. In her autobiography "Memoirs of a Marriage Lady Morrison states
"I am addicted to Switzerland and all things Swiss" and goes on to describe how"(At the age of)10 or 11 I announced I wanted to play golf, I didn't even know what golf was and to this day cannot explain the compulsion"
Child Hood Trauma and Enhanced Hand Eye Coordination
When my twin sister and I were aged 5 my mum had another baby, a girl, and my twin and I were taken by my father to visit her in hospital. In the hospital grounds was a Fete with stalls and games, one of which was for adults, not children, requiring accurate golf putting skills, using a golf club to get the ball to a certain place to win money. I begged my father to let me have a go and he and the men at the stall laughed at me for even asking, thinking there was no way a five year old could do it as even the adults were finding it very difficult.

I kept winning and the prize each time was sixpence - quite a lot in those days - about £2.50 in todays money and much more than the pennies to be won on the children's games. After winning five or six times in succession my father appeared embarrassed and made me stop, (prior to that day I had never held a golfclub) Enhanced hand / eye coordination is a common feature of early childhood trauma.
In addition, the first time I encountered a snooker table at the age of 17 I was offered the opportunity to 'have a go'.  There were a number of my partner's friends there and they were amazed to see me start potting ball after ball.  Eventually I became startled and the spell broke.  At that time, socially I appeared to be a weird impoverished 17 year old kid who never spoke.

The fact is that after Lord Morrison’s death she openly joined those who were seeking to bring down the 'socialist left' influences in the Labour Party is in my opinion a smoking gun.
Could it be that Lady Morrison was an infiltrator for the above mentioned right wing movement (even if unwittingly, as part of an early mind control programme) ?
Or is it that Lord Morrison's reputed socialist position was not adhered to throughout the course of his career?  It is true that Morrison was outspoken against a proposed investigation of freemasonry, and   according to aangirfan  where Morrison fits into the picture is very much open to question to say the least. 
Morrison's association with Siegmund Warburg has been documented."Siegmund G Warburg had many interests outside finance and one of these was politics. Warburg discussed both British and international politics at length with his friends and acquaintances who just happened to include the likes of Herbert MorrisonImogene Inge
So not only do we have a firm link between Lady Morrison and the UK Free Festivals in the 70's, through her connections with NAFF, (see here) we also have a link between Lord Morrison and LSD as it is widely known that
 "LSD counter culture" originated when Sandoz A.G, a Swiss pharmaceutical house owned by S.G. Warburg & Co developed a new drug from lysergic acid, called LSD.  reference (my emphasis)
Incidentally, the head quarters of the Nazi party during WW2 was situated in Davos where the couple met. "A surreal mix of Nazis, American pilots, refugees and Swiss crossed paths on Davos's snowy streets and in it's sanatoriums in the 1930s and 1940s"
Pictured below: Local Nazi party leader Dr. Hellmuth gives a lecture to the German expat community in Davos on Hitler's birthday in 1940 (
The following quote from Eustace Mullins:Murder by injection suggests that Dulles, the soon to be head of the CIA was in Switzerland when LSD was discovered.  
"The Warburg family, LSD and the Nazis:The CIA drug story begins in 1943, when the organization was still known as the OSS. A Dr. Albert Hoffmann was experimenting in the Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland (Sandoz was then controlled by the Warburg family). Although Sandoz has been manufacturing a substance known as LSD, or lysergic acid, since 1938, it had only been used in experiments with monkeys. At the time of the discovery of LSD, Allen Dulles was posted in Switzerland, as though by precognition. 
It was under his leadership that the CIA became transformed into the foremost operation of Dope, Inc. He was then engaged in various activities with officials of the Nazi regime. To this day, no one has been able to ascertain whether he was trying to preserve the Hitler regime, or to overthrow it. Eustace Mullins: Murder by Injection, The story of the medical conspiracy against Americans"
Burden Neurological Institute

Prior to the founding of the institute the Burdens - a missionary couple, proposed founding a huge mental colony for the feeble minded and suggested the entire population should take a test at the age of eleven to determine if they ought to be incarcerated in the colony or be allowed to enter society.

The project was eventually modified and and instead the BNI was founded and situated in the grounds of Frenchay Hospital in Bristol.  Initial staff were closely associated with Maudsley Hospital in London.
My father spent some time at Frenchay during our time living in Bath as he had an unfortunate accident at work where he lost some fingers on his right hand. Despite being the leading centre for these kind of injuries the did a real botch job because the consultant was away.

It is at the BNI that William Grey Walter did his pioneering work on bio-robotics at that time and he was associated with the institution until his death at the age of 70. He also discovered and identified certain brain-waves:
"Walter Grey was the first Director of Physiology (from 1939) at Golla's newly-founded Burden Neurological Institute, Bristol. He was a highly influential electro-encephalographer. For instance, he discovered the delta and theta rhythms, and designed several pioneering EEG-measuring instruments. In addition, he founded the EEG Society (in 1943), organized the first EEG Congress (1947), and started the EEG Journal (also 1947). "
Grey Walter visited  Pavlov in Russia to observe his experiments with dogs and was greatly influenced by his work.   Rockefeller who initially funded the opening of the BNI provided further funding that enabled this extension his research.  He was particularly interested in the electronic frequency of the brainwaves of the 'under-dog' in the pack and the implications of broadcasting this frequency around human beings.
Other area's of particular interest was the research around the 'breakthrough' observed when a flood necessitated the removal of all the dogs from the laboratory.  It was observed that some of the more nervous dogs were affected profoundly and all previous conditioning was broken.  They no longer responded to the cues etc as they had done before the trauma caused by the  flood.
The official account states that Grey Walter's work with brain/machine interfaces gained the attention of the RAE who wanted to use it for their pilots in aircraft construction.

My father was in Frenchay hospital for four weeks and I asked him if he was aware that sometimes patients from Frenchay were sometimes used in experiments carried out at the BNI. He described meeting a chap there whose head was "all wrapped up in bandages" who had come back to the hospital after spending some time at the BNI.
Coincidentally William Grey Walter was a pupil of Sir Joseph Barcroft, as was Dorothy Dufton before meeting Charles Wilson and eventually becoming Lady Moran.  

My mothers unknown cousin (who went straight into the RAE in around 1955) was in fact working there in 1962 when the RAE approached Grey Walter, who was working at the BNI to say they were interested in his work because they wanted to incorporate it into their military aircraft construction.  In fact Grey Walter had already been working on sensitive material as one source shows him producing a confidential report for the Rockefeller Foundation as early as 1938.
Grey Walter and my mother's cousin were still involved with the BNI  later in 1969 when my father was at the adjoining hospital for four weeks, having suffered an appalling injury whilst working at Baileys Maltsters. Also known as E Bailey & Son" or Baily, I would appreciate anyone with any info on this firm getting in touch. See for  Grey Walter and the Ratio Club an interesting summary of Greys non classified work.
It was from the BNI that in 1965 that 'brain-waves' were transmitted via the Relay 1 satellite to Massachusetts (MIT) in the USA and back. (see the British Medical Journal 1969)
"Walter emphasized analog electronics to simulate neurodynamics at a time when most of his colleagues such as John von Neumann were developing digital computers to implement symbolic logic and deep arithmetic algorithms. His devices were the forerunners of currently emerging machines that are governed by nonlinear dynamics, and that rely on controlled instability, noise, and chaos to achieve continually updated adaptation to everchanging and unpredictable worlds. He can well be said to have been the Godfather of truly intelligent machines."
Working at the BNI, William Grey Walter was involved in the first published experiment in the use of electroconvulsive therapy on patients in England which was a collaboration between Walter, Golla and Fleming using hospital patients as guinea pigs. Wiki
Other areas researched at the institute include behaviourism and alcohol addiction.  Alcohol was made available to the rats under certain conditions and they were able to make choices to receive it using tiny levers.Often their brains were subsequently dissected and chemically analysed at certain points in their decision making.

In 1963 home brewing of alcoholic beverages was made legal, and my father became interested in brewing beer, given that he had access to the ingredients where he worked at Bailey's Malsters. In fact my mum said he became rather too fond of the brew which was incredibly strong and made him quite ill and this was the reason he stopped this hobby eventually and since then drank alcohol only on special occasions.

American company takes over all British Breweries
We were forced to leave Bath after 7 years and return to the north of england as although the job he was given was described as "assistant manager" it was so poorly paid that my parents were struggling to buy our school uniforms. One of my lines of research has been to establish who owned Bailey's, at the time my dad went to to Bath to work for them. In that same year, 1963 it was taken over by Associated Brewers and Maltsters as the last purchase in a take over of all the major traditional brewing companies in the UK, and they then began to industrialise the brewing industry which had been in the hands of five major family brewing concerns. The takeover of all of them had begun in 1928 when the Charterhouse Investment trust had begun approaching the most prosperous companies. Initially members of the old brewing families were kept onboard until 1963 when the executive board was dissolved.
Charter House
In yet another coincidence which seems to be a feature of this research, Peter Gabriel who wrote the song Solsbury Hill was a CharterHouse kid who had attended the Charterhouse school in London and actually lived in Swainswick later as an adult.
Other funding for the ABM takeover included Provident (Providence?) Insurance Group.  It is clear that the ABM company with links to all sorts of other businesses were responsible for the industrialisation of breweries and at least contributory to the industrialisation of food in the UK and possibly other countries. In 1963 a subsidary was formed, ABM Industrial products. (fine chemicals for the brewing, food and textile trades.)

London and the Festivals
Whilst living in Bath all our summer holidays were spent in Cornwall with my mother's sister and her family, two cousins - boys around our own age. Yet I was unhappy as a child and I seriously ran away from home at the age of 6 and 9 (And also ran away for good to London at 15). 
This was in 1974 and was my third attempt to run away from home. I rationalized that it was due to my perceiving the adults in my life to be unfair and unjust as I felt unable to communicate with them or be heard.  I initially stayed at a flat with several LSE (London School of Economics) who were at the time taking part as volunteers in sensory deprivation research.  There was also a young BBC producer living at the flat who still works for the BBC at this time (2012).

On arriving in London I found it to be a centre of counter culture and soon found my way to first of all The Windsor Free Festival, and after that the Stonhenge festival of 1975 and the following year Rhayader Festival where I had the (ET/?MILAB/?Premature Kundalini awakening?) described in my UK Mind Manipulation blog.
As children in Bath we used to play outdoors and wander all around the surrounding countryside and although I wasn't aware of it's name them, we often went up Solsbury Hill which later became the subject of a song by Peter Gabriel (ex Genesis) who at one time lived in that village, years later. The song describes an ET encounter remarkably similar to an experience I had once, although not at Solsbury Hill. 

My 'experience' was whilst I was at a free festival in Rhyadar Valley - a remote location in the welsh mountains in the seventies with my boyfriend Niall, the son of the first head of RTE News in Ireland (equivalent of BBC). Jim was an outspoken figure who decided how the news would be presented in Southern Ireland during the troubles, he was given the position of Head of RTE news when television first arrived in that country and had full control over how television new would be presented during the troubles in that country. (Previous to obtaining that position he had spent some years in America with his wife and two sons, and was awarded journalist of the year in San Francisco before returning to Ireland.) 

I had two sons with Niall, one who was extremely intelligent 'off the scale' in mathematical ability but who apparently committed suicide, his body was found in spring in the local reservoir after disappearing on the 23rd January that year.  Prior to his disappearance from the local hospital, he had spent extended time in the psychiatric ward.  The second son is the last male of child bearing potential in that family. 
'Contactee Experience'?
It was 1976 and we were at a tiny free festival in the Welsh mountains when some thing happened, someone said a UFO had been seen and one minute Niall and I and a friend were heading towards where it was supposed to be, aross a dark field, then something happened and I found we were suddenly back in the main part of the festival camp. My two companions remembered nothing, I was quite upset and when I said "what just happened?", they didn't respond. Here & Now - one of the bands playing at the festival actually mention that very night on their web page, describing how there was a massive electrical storm whilst they were playing, and that it rained heavily yet they carried on playing although it was dangerous to do so.
"Later that summer was, for me, the best festival ever.  A few miles from Rhayader, in mid-Wales, in a wilderness spot in the mountains.  A shallow river ran through the festival site and it was easy to paddle across. About 150 people were there.  A hundred yards downstream from the middle of the sit, the river formed itno a large diving-pool, bordered by several flat rocks. here you would find half the people of the festival, swimming or lying around naked blowing a pipe or two in the fantastic summer heat. There were two buses on the site, ours and solar Ben's.  Solar Ben had a P.A. system and we took it in turns to be 'the band'.  One night when Here & Now were playing, there was a huge electrical storm. 
There was no covering for the stage, (in fact there wasn't a stage.  We were just set up on the grass and rocks) and the rain poured directly onto us, but (don't ask why) we just carried on playing. We were jamming with the thunder and lightening.  We were out there in it for fuck's sake! It was like letting go into the hand's of the spirit of the storm . . "if you want us, here we are, take us now! Thankfully we were let live, but the ride was some thrill!
After this experience I was aware of a positive message that had been communicated to me which was surprisingly similar to what I hear many abductees talking about now. The communication which had the appearance of telepathic messages continued from time to time over a period of approximately 12 months, after I returned to London. 

In the light of what I now know I understand there is the possibility this may have been a MILAB rather than an ET experience. I am even wondering if there may have been a mass abduction at that remote gathering that night!!
Back then I had not encountered any ufo literature and the possible existence of ufos had not entered my consciousness.

I later had two children with Niall and we were together for 7 years. Before the children were born we were aware of a strong culture based around LSD amongst our peers at that time both in England and Ireland.
It was Niall who introduced me specifically to all the Laurel Canyon music which he was particularly interested in. (Inside the Laurel Canyon by Dave McGowan on Daves Web)

One of Niall's closest friends had a father who worked as a diplomatic and an uncle in the USA who sent him many of the albums in the mail directly to Dublin, as they were released. Dave McGowan discusses in great detail the strong links between military intelligence and the development of music at that time and location.

After meeting Niall in Germany in 1975 when I was 17, we moved between squats in London, free festivals and Dublin until my first son was born in 1978. Dublin is where he had been completing his degree and planning to study for an MA in political history, when he was awarded a scholarship with a choice of studying at Cambridge or Australia. However the alternative lifestyle was more tempting and he declined the offer choosing instead to live in London and be part of 'the scene'. 

I became pregnant with my first child in 1978 and if I was to say the scene Niall became involved in was not conducive to family life, this would be a gross understatement. We lived there together until I managed to leave, after attending a week's macrobiotic retreat in Scotland, and I returned to Rochdale.  

Things were just as normal as they could be for me after that apart from my life being touched by more tragedy than one normally encounters and chaotic due to the PTSD which I didn't identify till this year really, I just knew I struggled to cope more that everyone else, somewhat disassociative, always labeled "spaced out" a dreamer, etc.

Compared to the USA there is very little out there about the history of Mind Control in the UK, which is why I think this is not because it happened less here but because it was done more effectively. It seems to me possible that the UK is where it originated.  Investigation of the Tavistock Institute indicates that there has been deliberate manipulation of the perceptions of the entire population, combined no doubt with specific experiments on individuals. 

Ours must be the first generation who can ask themselves if remembered experiences are from dreams, movies or TV or if they really happened. 
What I have written about my childhood is all from events I have always remembered as actually happening (continuous, not "recovered memories"). Although I have not included them here, I remember the names of most of the adults and children from my childhood in Bath, including at my school, and in Swainswick where we lived which could help with further research.
I have been keen to uncover exactly what happened and this research has been a result of trying to identify where we as a family may have been picked up as possible candidates. 

Lifelong Monitoring - The National Child Development Survey (NCDS)
Due to being born in a particular week in 1958 we were monitored throughout our life by the national child development survey (NCDS) which followed around 17000 children born during this week.
When I recently (2011) questioned my folks about the lifelong monitoring they said:
(mum) "A doctor used to come from Southport to test you and [my twin]"
(an 80 mile round trip - pretty long trip for UK circa 1960 - and surely all the children in the survey - over 10,000 couldn't have received this individual attention?)
(dad) "They were always coming and testing you both".

On examining the policy documentation for the study I discovered that against a backdrop of the entire cohort the intention was to carry out more intensive study on cases of interest, including exceptionally gifted children and those disabled or disadvantaged by certain circumstances.

I have considered the possiblity of having hypnotic regression explore memories of what happened at the festival mentioned above. However the difficulties caused by complex PTSD have been difficult to overcome and the recent incident shattered all stability in my life. I have spent the last three years achieving once more some measure of stability successfully, but financially I currently do not have the resources to pursue that line of enquiry.

An early version of this article was published July 29th 2011 translated into Italian at:


  1. Please can you tell me where the following information came from - The Ayrshire Wallis family's immense wealth came from the Kimberley, South Africa, diamond fields and they lived in a palatial mansion called Greystone in Essex.

  2. at the link that says "reference" right next to that info (in case you didn't spot it yet)

  3. George Jellicoe was a man of many talents but architecture wasn't one of them. Alice Park, along with its park keepers' cottages and pavilion, was actually designed by the landscape architect Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe (no relation as far as I'm aware).

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  4. Thank you very much for pointing this out! I notice Bryan Chalker (my original source) has also made this correction in a later article

    Yes I would also like to know more about the 'spy' although he was described only as 'involved' so may not have been a spy. It may be possible to find a record of the elderly lady's baptism for further clues . . Meanwhile I have done further research which may be of interest